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Horsey OwO by LilLazar
Mature content
Horsey OwO :iconlillazar:LilLazar 46 4
Bug Babs by LilLazar
Mature content
Bug Babs :iconlillazar:LilLazar 65 6
Attack of the 80ft Babs by LilLazar
Mature content
Attack of the 80ft Babs :iconlillazar:LilLazar 117 17
Acme Acres Annual Eatoff  (AAAE) by LilLazar
Mature content
Acme Acres Annual Eatoff (AAAE) :iconlillazar:LilLazar 102 11
Gassy Sumo Babs by LilLazar
Mature content
Gassy Sumo Babs :iconlillazar:LilLazar 57 2
Gassy Sumo Lola by LilLazar
Mature content
Gassy Sumo Lola :iconlillazar:LilLazar 71 2
Triplets Laughing At Kowalski Being Fat by FoxPrinceAgain Triplets Laughing At Kowalski Being Fat :iconfoxprinceagain:FoxPrinceAgain 4 3 Sandy's Bra by SinkCandyCentral
Mature content
Sandy's Bra :iconsinkcandycentral:SinkCandyCentral 62 9
Sexy Bovine (c) by GrayBlueStudios
Mature content
Sexy Bovine (c) :icongraybluestudios:GrayBlueStudios 35 1
Admiring NewBod (c) by GrayBlueStudios
Mature content
Admiring NewBod (c) :icongraybluestudios:GrayBlueStudios 56 1
[CM] Molly by SolitaryScribbles [CM] Molly :iconsolitaryscribbles:SolitaryScribbles 158 5 Jumbo Judy by LilLazar
Mature content
Jumbo Judy :iconlillazar:LilLazar 68 7
Ponygirl School Series
I have the first class all picked out, but I'll leave this up for curiousity.
I'm starting a new series, about a group of young ladies who go to a school for ponygirls.
So, like the Emily Series stories that star real, bondage-loving young ladies, I'm looking for six young ladies who want to be ponygirls.
In addition to ponyplay, students may be giving blowjobs; taken, softly or roughly; disciplined; washed by their handler(s); forced to work with other ponies. All consensually.
If this sounds like fun to you, please fill out this form, and send it to me via note. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Your Name(the one you wish used in the story):
Your Pony Name:
whatever else you want me to include(optional):
Anything else you would like to have included in the story(optional):
Do you wish to remain anonymous: Yes/No
Would you be an obedient pony, or a stiff-necked pony:
By filling out and submitting this form, you are
:iconpornwriter:pornwriter 27 46
The Costume Shop: Tigress(Kung Fu Panda) (6/30)
You have just arrived to a brand new costume shop. It was heavily advertised as being "able to get you into character," their commercials showing animated people turning into whatever costume they put on, essentially becoming that form. They retained memory and all, and it was a big push for quality costumes. Business was generally very good for a while. The advertising team wanted to use SFX to have real people become the costumes, as a test showed that people would enjoy actual people and would sell costumes better. With business on the decline, they had no choice but to go for that advice. However, all SFX teams who were able to do it were much to expensive, leaving the store in a jam. Luckily, they found a someone willing to do it for free, granted they used the costumes he had hand made. He would also need his own space in the store for the filming, which the store agreed too. The man set up his area in the back of the store, along with a closet for the costumes to be used. You we
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 34 3
Anthro horse TF story
Barry received a package from his cousin Tim. Barry opened the package up to reveal a silver horse shoe. "A horse shoe? Really?" Barry whispered to himself.
"It appears it can be worn around the neck." Said Barry to himself
Barry put the horse shoe necklace around his neck.  "Not bad. Not bad at all." Barry said remarkably. Then suddenly Barry felt a pulling sensation on his trousers, he turned around to see what was going on with his trousers. "Great scott!" Shouted Barry. Then his pants ripped to reveal a horses tail. "WTF?!" Thought Barry inside his head looking at the tail. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of his hands turning into an anthro horses hoof~hands. Then brown fur started to spread all over his body and his face. Suddenly he felt his face push forward to form a muzzle and also mutating his teeth and tounge. "What is happenning to me?!" Barry questioned to himself .
And then he caught sight of his legs turning into horses legs complete with hooves as well. Barry clo
:iconandyboy77:Andyboy77 3 1
The Biggest Chicken (Inflation, Hen TF)
I absolutely hate small towns, I just can't stand them. This is mainly due to the fact that I grew up in one, an absolutely miniscule town. The whole place is dusty, and a fair amount of buildings are derelict. The world part of all was the town's tourist trap, the world's largest balloon. It's a gigantic inflatable chicken, towering high above most other balloons. This thing was enormous, and it was surprising that a town this poor could have something this big. A lot of people just assumed the town was funnelling money in order to keep this big thing inflated, which was probably true. As popular at the balloon is, people strongly believe it to be cursed. Whenever the balloon is deflated, and subsequently reflated, someone disappears without a trace. Only the shreds of their clothing have ever been found, tossed in the gutter on the outskirts of town. It was pretty obvious there was some sort of murderer, someone working the balloon was probably a stone-cold killer. At least, that's w
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 43 17


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